Livestreaming for Serious Creators

Monetize, recognize, reward, and level up your engaged audience in white-list only livestreams.

No ads. No swiping away. Just you connecting with real supporters.

Coming Q4 '22

Beta1 is coming...

Buzzup Beta1 enables creators to schedule whitelist only livestreams - intimate sessions uncluttered by ads where the attention is on the creator. Buzzup is designed to keep your audience focused on you and enables monetization that rewards fans with recognition based on their support.

Turn your fans into supporters, supporters into loyalists, and loyalists into ambassadors.

How It Works

Convert and level up your engaged audience. Find out who your true supporters are.

Schedule a livestream

Invite your engaged audience to whitelist for a scheduled livestream. First come, first serve up to a preset capacity. Above capacity waitlist for entry.

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Buzz & Creator Tokens

Fans pay to give you Buzz ("Buzz Up") and earn your Creator Token in return. Creator Tokens signify their support.

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Recognize, Reward & Level Up

You'll see who has earned the most Creator Tokens per livestream as well as cumulatively in your profile. Grow your relationship with those who matter.

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85% Paid to Creators

Buzzup takes 15% commission of Fan monetization and pays out 85% to Creators. An easy-to-use interface helps you estimate earnings.

Exchange Over 1000 Currencies - Web3 X Webflow Template