Buzzup is a social media platform powered by a decentralized network of blockchain assets.

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Direct Monetization

Gamified microtransactions generate $Buzz Tokens for Creators and Social Tokens for Fans.

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Grow Social Currency

$Buzz Tokens can be staked for revenue share and voting rights in the wallet holding Creators' identity token.

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Secured by Blockchain

Every transaction is recorded on chain making each action permanent and transparent.

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Reward Fans

Fans receive Social Tokens when they create Buzz for Creators. Social Tokens can be used for access and rewards.

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Decentralized Content

All content can be minted as NFT on-chain (using Buzz or other leading crypto). Creators own their content.

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$BUZZ Tokens are fungible and used for staking and voting by Creators. Social Tokens are used for rewards by fans.