Building a social media platform is no simple feat. We're growing a network through three stages: Alpha, Beta, and Charlie by bridging Creators (and Fans) from Web2 to Web3.

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Raised Series A - Web3 X Webflow Template

Initial Concept + Pre-Seed

Early vision to democratize creator economy and enable direct monetization was formed by early founders Jay Cheng and Denis Asamoah. 20+ leading creators invested in a private pre-seed round.

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Alpha1 & Alpha2

Alpha2 is a web-based app that integrates with legacy platforms to help creators leverage their audience in Web3. Our Alpha1 app was released in Mar '22 but reached EOL due to integration restrictions. Our Alpha2 app will be released Q4 '22 with a new product thesis.

Raised Series B - Web3 X Webflow Template
Q1 2023

Beta - Buzzup App

Mobile and web-based apps (iOS and Android) that enables capture and store on the blockchain. Creators can create content in Twitter-inspired fashion and monetize Fans with buzzup's.

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Q4 2023

Charlie - Full Platform

NFT Gating will be fully enabled in the Charlie phase at which time the full platform is considered released. Social Tokens earned from Buzz creation can be used by Fans to access Creators' gated Exclusives.

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Protocol & Metaverse

Buzz Token will integrate with leading metaverse platforms. Users' Identity Token meta data combined with metaverse user tokens to affect experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Well we got answers, at least a few to the most commonly asked


What is Buzzup?

Buzzup is a social media platform that is built on the blockchain. Users are given an identity token upon sign up that gets stored in a crypto wallet (or one of our custodial wallets). Users can earn $BUZZ Tokens when content they've created gets a buzzup. Or earn Creator-based Social Tokens when $BUZZ Tokens are created for another user. (Imagine swiping on a dating app except for content.)


What do I need to log in?

You will need to connect a wallet that holds the identity token or store the identity in a custodial wallet that we issue to your login account. For those used to handling crypto-enabled wallets, there are multiple wallet integrations we support.


What can I do with $BUZZ Tokens?

You are paid based on $BUZZ Earned and $BUZZ Staked. Buzzup takes a 10% commission on all revenues and remits the remainder into two payout pools. On launch, 70% will go to the Earnings Pool - which is the total $BUZZ earned from the platform. The other 30% will go to the Staking Pool - which is the total $BUZZ staked by token holders.
$BUZZ is also used for voting on proposals drafted by the community. Token holders will control platform's direction, the algorithms, and the financial payouts.


What can I do with Social Tokens?

Social Tokens are issued per Creator when you create $BUZZ on content. You receive an equivalent number of Social Tokens to the $BUZZ Tokens you create.


How do I become a Creator?

By creating or storing content on Buzzup, you are effectively a Creator. Your content (if set to public or visible) can be buzzed up by other users earning you $BUZZ Tokens. (See above for how $BUZZ yields rewards for you.)


When are you launching?

Q2 2023